Hi there! My name is Iqra Aqib, I’m currently 20 and I live in Ontario, Canada. Welcome to Life Advice with Me!


Why I Made This Site

Growing up, writing had always been a passion of mine. It didn’t matter where I was or what time of day, I would always enjoy it and saw my future self-writing as a possible hobby. Starting from around age 8, I would write short stories with my friends. However, the main thing I enjoyed about writing was the concept of it helping someone.

I  loved the idea of writing something in which I could include my own opinions which would then benefit someone else. That’s why after considering all this, I decided why not make a blog page where I can do just that! Where I can offer advice on various topics/issues.

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This feeling, it suffocates me Pieces of memories long forgotten resurface Occupying my mind, refusing to leave My stomach churns in an unexplainable way While my heart aches and longs for those late nights and long drives For those faces, those places, long ago visited, long ago seen My mind desperatley searches for a cure … Continue reading Homesick

The advice I give may not apply to all situations or conditions, but even helping a small portion of the community is all I need. I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Latest Posts

An angel on Earth

Like an angel on Earth, That is how I would describe her. She may not have wings, nor can she fly She may not have descended from the sky’s But to me, she’s an inspiration She’s suffered, she’s felt pain and she’s been hurt But she’s strong, even more than she knows Her heart, an … Continue reading An angel on Earth


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*I am in no means a professional and my text is purely out of my own experience and opinions.  

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Advice about school, work and life in general with some short stories